About Bananas

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What is Bananas?

Bananas is an Asian Food Shop.

At our place you can order traditional Asian foods as well as fushion and modern Asian dishes.
Pick your favourite and you can takeaway to your home, office or the park.
We make dishes we like ourselves with fresh herbs, meat, fish and vegetables.
All the meat and eggs we use are organic.
All our dishes and sauces are homemade. 
You can also visit us for cute little Asian presents and Chinese teas. 

Who are we?

We, sister Kim en Linda, are Bananas! Yellow from the outside, white from the inside. 

Our Chinese family have already been living in the Netherlands from the thirties of the last century, and all the generations before us had their own traditional Chinese-Indonesian restaurants throughout the country with well-known dishes as Babi Pangang and Tjay Tjoy. 

We came to live in Utrecht when we came to study here in 2001 and have since been hooked to this city. Like they say in Dutch: “Utrecht is ons stadsie!”
In our youth we helped out at our parents’ restaurant, our home, and after that we have worked in different restaurants in Utrecht. At all these places and from all  the people we met along the way, we have learned to eat and drink well.  

We are foodies at heart and will ask ourselves about 10 times a day:  ‘what shall we eat now?’

We like to make others happy with food, drinks and service.

We hope to share our enthousiasm with you.

See you at Bananas!

Bananas Food Shop Locatie