Cold Dishes

    • Springrolls

    • Rice paper rolls with cucumber, fresh mint, coriander, vermicelli and carrot. Per 2 pieces.

      Served with sauce of lime, chili peppers and garlic.
    • Minced soy in curry paste



    • Tempeh with homemade peanut-coconut sauce



    • Prawns with ginger



    • Chicken with hoisin sauce


      (lf-gf option)

    • Poké Bowls

    • Homemade vegan Kimchi, shii-take mushrooms, broccoli with garlic, pickled cauliflower and sticky rice

      9,30 | 12,40


    • Fresh salmon, edamame beans, wakame seaweed salad, red cabbage with ginger & orange dressing, sticky rice, soy sauce & homemade wasabi mayonnaise

      10,80 | 13,90


    • Zoet

    • Various homebaked pastry & pies

      from 1,30
    • Bijgerechten

    • Kimchi

    • Spicy sweet patato noodle salad, chilli pepper, cilantro, mint, lime, sweet jackfruit, red cabbage, pickled carrots, garlic and salted peanuts



    • - with Shrimps



    • Homemade fresh seaweed salad with roasted sesame seeds, carrot, cucumber, red pepper and miso dressing



Gerechten | Bananas Food Shop

Hot Dishes

    • Huisgemaakte Dumplings

    • Per 6 pieces, served in light bouillon with soy sauce, Chinese black rice vinegar, roasted mild Sichuan chili pepper, fresh scallions and coriander

    • Organic chicken, shii-take, parsley, scallions, garlic and ginger


    • Organic pork, wood ear, celery, scallions, garlic and ginger


    • Spinach, sweet potato, waterchestnut, Chinese garlic chives, scallions and ginger


    • Huisgemaakte Wontonsoep

    • 6 pieces

    • Wonton pastry filled with minced prawn and pork, ginger and scallions, served with paksoy in a homemade chicken broth



    • Huisgemaakte Kimchi Panini (tot 17:00)

    • With sourdough bread and farmers cheese



    • - with Nori



    • Special: Bao Bun

    • Steamed open bun

    • Braised pork belly in homemade Five Spice, with kimchi and pickled cauliflower

    • Pan-seared tempeh marinated in lime leaf and soy, with kimchi and pickled cauliflower



Lf – lactose free (may contain traces of lactose) | Gf – gluten free (may contain traces of gluten) | V -vegetarian

We only use organic meats from the Utrecht organic butchery Gerrit Takke
and we buy our fresh organic fish at Visgilde Lijffijt & De Jong